Our journey started precisely in 2011, freelancing and having fun doing makeovers and helping brides figure out what they really want to look like amidst the trend and raves of the moment (not everyone likes to follow the trend), from their hair pieces to their bouquets and jewellery. Passion drove us, experience taught us.  And like every business entity is created to respond to needs and seeks to provide solutions to those needs, Truly Revealed has evolved to get to the very core of the heart of our brides, to unveil what they truly desire to look like on their special day, and we make it real.
We take care of Beauty Makeovers for weddings, photo shoots, engagements, editorials, christenings and for the everyday woman who wants to look simply beautiful.  Available for retail in our store are also various trusted makeup brands for people of colour, unique fashion Jewellery pieces , flowers for bouquet and accessories for weddings and like events.
We welcome you to tour our site. It’s all about a truly revealed You!


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